Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos: Wonderful & Amazing Holiday Spot in Milos

Agia Kiriaki BeachAgia Kiriaki Beach is an excellent beach that you could go. Located in Milos Island, Greece, this beach becomes the awesome and excellent spot to enjoy the holiday.

The combination of wonderful landscape and the sense of nature will welcome everyone who is visiting there to enjoy their spare time.

Beach types; sandy beach & pebble beach
Distances; from paliochori beach 4.9 km (3 miles)
from gerakas beach 7.5 km (4.7 miles)
from tsigrado beach 7.9 km (4.9 miles)
firiplaka beach 8 km (4.9 miles)
paliorema sulfur mine / paliorema beach 8.9 km (5.5 miles)

How to Go There?

How To Go To Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos Best Way To Get There Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos Location Address Access Directions Agia Kiriaki Beach MilosFor those who want to come to this place with the international flight, you are able to start your international journey by visiting the Adamas, as the port of the Milos Island, Aegean Islands. The location of this beach is around 8 km from the port.

Then, when you use the different transportation, you may go to Plaka Village. The location of this wonderful beach is around 12.5 km from the village. You are also able to go to this beach from the Zefyria village. There are some kinds of the mass transportation that you could use in order to go to the beach.

The time for the journey is different when you want to go to wonderful Agia Kiriyaki Beach. Of course, it depends on the kinds of mass transportation that you use in your journey. The most common transportation to use is buss. When you go to the Plaka Village, it will need around an hour journey.

Interesting Matters to Enjoy in Agia Kiriaki Beach

Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos Island Greece Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos Photos Images Pictures Agia Kyriaki Beach Milos IslandThere are some reasons why Agia Kiriaki is very interesting to go –although this place is quite far for your country, especially when you want to enjoy your holiday. For the first, you need to know that this beach is one of the most beautiful beach in Milos. It is mysterious with the private caves there. Yes, the private caves become the most popular site as the reasons why people go there.

In other hand, the beach also provides the long beautiful, clear water, and nice white sand. I am sure that it is not complete to go to beach without enjoying the sand. You will be able to make the sand as the large playroom. Well, for those who visit this beach with their kids, it will be wonderful land to play.

The area of this beach is also interesting and nice with the hill in left side. The hill could be excellent landscape, especially when you want to capture the sweet moment in your holiday.

What to Do in Agia Kiriaki Beach, Milos?

Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos Activities Things To Do And See Travel Guide Information About Agia Kiriaki Beach Accommodation Hotel Restaurant Cafe Resort Homestay Contact Number Open Hours Entrance Fee Ticket Price Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos Greece Best Time To Visit Weather Cost ReviewIn the Agia Kyriaki Beach Milos, you are able to enjoy the wave of the ocean. Yes, in common, this ocean offers the calm wave and crystal water. You are able to swim there without any worry. However, of course, you still need to be careful, especially in winter season. When the season is winter, the wave becomes bigger. There are also place to rent the equipment of water sport that you could enjoy.

Then, as we have said before, this beach is very interesting and awesome with the long white sand and gravel beach. The sand could be the place to sit when you want to enjoy the sunset. Something that you need to know, this beach becomes the best place for enjoying the sunset moments. Not only in the white sand, you are also able to enjoy the sunset from the peak of the hill, especially for those who want to test the adrenaline.

Another matter to do here is tasting the original and traditional food of Milos. Along the wonderful Agia Kiriaki Beach, there are several restaurants serving excellent local foods.