Firiplaka Beach Milos: Most Beautiful Beach in Greece?

Firiplaka BeachWhat is the most beautiful beach in Greece? Some Greek people will say that it is Milos Firiplaka Beach. That is why it is also considered as one of the most famous beach in Greece.

This amazing beach is located in Milos, an island that is full of beaches. The specific location is on the southern of Cycladic Island. Many tourists come and enjoy their holiday here. At the beach, you will not only see the sea landscape but there are also many other attractions including the auburn cliffs around it.

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What to Do at Firiplaka Beach

There are many things that you can do at this beach. So, you have to use your time as well as possible at the beach.

⦁ Swimming in the Water

One of the most favorite activities at Firiplaka bay is swimming in the water. The beach has waves that are safe for swimming. What makes it more exciting is that the water is crystal clear and warm. So, let your children play with the water.

⦁ Playing with Sands

The sand really makes this beach attractive. In fact, this beach comes with super fine silver sands. You can let your kids to build many things using the sand. However, there is no shady tree so that you need umbrellas or hang out under shaded huge rocks.

⦁ Exploring a Rock Cave

At the beach, you can also find a rock cave. If you are curious, you can explore it and find out what you will meet. However, you have to make sure that you explore the rock cave when the water does not rise.

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⦁ Refuging from the Sun

If you feel hot, you can refuge from the sun behind a huge rock. Alternatively, you can refuge under the cliffs. In fact, there are many huge rocks and high cliffs around the beach.

⦁ Sunbathing

Because there is not shady tree, the beach is hot enough. So, this beach can be a perfect place for sunbathing. Many tourists go sunbathing and get relaxed.

⦁ Taking Pictures

Another activity you cannot forget is to take pictures. There are so many beautiful Firiplaka Beach spots for taking pictures and selfies. For example, you can take pictures from the cliffs, behind a huge rock, along the beach, over the sand, at the rock cave, etc. So, your holiday at this beach will be unforgettable.

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Finding the Firiplaka Beach

You cannot park your vehicles in near or in front of the beach. The parking area is at the top of the cliffs. After you arrive at the parking area and park your vehicles, you need to walk for a few minutes. On the way, you have to round a corner of flat huge rocks to find the beach. After that, you can see the beach.

There are also some places for ordering foods and drinks. However, when it is the holiday season, the Firiplaka (Fyriplaka) Milos Beach will be really crowded. Even though it is not easy to get there, you will not be disappointed. Other places to visit near Firiplaka: Tsigrado beach, Provatas, Kipos, and Gerakas beach.