How to Get to Milos

Guides How to Get to Milos

Milos is a beautiful volcano island located in the southwest of Cyclades. Many tourist destinations are available there so that it is very important to know how to get to Milos, Greece. You can see awesome sunsets, amazing beaches, etc. Milos consists of some towns that include Adamas, Pollonia, Plaka, Fyropotamos, Fourkovouni, Mandrakia and Klima.

Travelling to Milos

There are 2 different ways how to go to Milos. You can choose whether you will take a flight or take a ferry ship. It depends on your comfort and budget. Here is the explanation of both of them.

1. Ferry

Travelling to Milos Greece
There is a high speed ferry that takes around 4 hours from Piraeus. You have to note that the timetables for ferries may change frequently. So, if you are interested in this way, you need to contact the office of Greek tourist or you can also book the ticket online to make sure that you have the updated data.

One of the best Greek Gerry booking systems is called Ferries in Greece. They have helped over 35,000 passengers each year. However, there are still some other options that you can consider for buying tickets.

You need to note that ferry tickets sell out. Therefore, you cannot be surprised if your ferry is sold out when you leave it to the last minute. Besides that, Peraeus Athen’s port is spread out and hectic. So, you have to figure out which pot that your ferry leaves from prior to take a taxi to the port. In addition, you have to make sure that you get a reliable taxi with reputable driver. TaxiBeat app will be helpful.

2. Flights

How to go to Milos Island
Alternatively, you can travel by plane. In this idea, Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air have scheduled daily flights from Athens to Milos. If you prefer this way, it will be much faster than ferry. It only takes about 40 minutes.

This can be a good option for you who are pressed for time. So, you can optimize to explore the tourist destinations in Milos. The airport of the island is around 4 kilometers from Adamas port town. The ticket prices are various. If you are patient, you can find cheap tickets to Milos.

Useful Phone Numbers

-Milos airport 22870-22381 (Alykes)
-Tourist info 22870-22445 (Adamantas)
-Tourist police 22870-21378 (Plaka)
-Triovasalos taxi 22870-21306
-Adamantas taxi 22870-22219

Getting Around in Milos Island

After arriving in Milos, now you have to know how to get around in Milos. In this case, there are 2 options that you can consider:

1. Car

Best Way to get to Milos
One of the best ways to go around Milos is by car. In fact, you can find many motorbike or car rental agencies. If you are interested in renting car, we recommend you to rent a 4WD car because many tourist destinations have off-road ways.

2. Public Transport

Getting Around Milos Greece
There are also some options of local public transportation. You can find a bus that goes to all towns & some beaches. The terminal of the bus is addressed in the main square in the Adamas port in front of Portiani Hotel. There, you can also find boat excursion dock and taxis.