5 Best Sandy Beaches in Milos with Beautiful Sand Stretching Along the Shoreline

Best Sandy Beaches in MilosMilos sandy beaches are the best if you want to enjoy holiday in dreamy place. It is not everywhere you can find fine sandy beach around, but we can name 5 best in Milos, Cyclades, Greece. Milos Island is known for its beautiful beaches after all.

Each beach has its own charm, even the quiet kind. So, let’s see what’s good about these five white sand beaches here. Pay attention to every one of them. You can decide whether or not you will go and make a visit, then.

Milos Sandy Beaches

Tsigrado Sandy Beach, Milos, Greece

Milos Sandy BeachesThis is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches you need to consider if you ever go to Milos. It might appear as small sandy cover. However, the water is crystal clear and its rocky cliffs make impressive sight to see.

Located right next to Firiplaka, you can reach this destination quickly. That said, you still have to pass through its rocky passage before you arrive at the shoreline. It is worth doing of course.

Paleochora Beach and Holiday Resort

Are There Sandy Beaches In Milos IslandLocated on small peninsula, Paleochora is known for its two lovely beaches. The main beach is long and wide with view of mountains. With clear and shallow water, it makes perfect beach for kids to play.

The second beach is smaller with large rocks. It is quite and has the view of white mountains. From Chania, you can reach this lovely sandy beach by driving for about 1.5 hours. Do consider this.

Pollonia Sandy Beach of Milos Greece

Best White Sand Beaches In Milos

We’ve got another long and sandy beach here. However, what makes it different is that this beach is lined with trees. It has the perfect shade while sitting on the sand. Of course, the water is as clear as crystal.

With boats around, it’s got the perfect vibe, right? The beach is just 14km away from Plaka. You can get to this popular beach either on foot or by car. Bring your own umbrella in case there’s none left.

Provatas Sandy Beach in Milos Greece

Most Popular Tourist Sandy Beaches In Milos Cyclades Aegean GreeceHow about this one? This beach is characterized by its multi-colored rocks that you can’t just find anywhere. Along the shoreline, golden sand stretches right next to the clear waters of the sea.

The place is beautiful, that’s for sure. However, as one of the best sandy beaches, it can offer you more with small hotels and good restaurants. Close to Firiplaka and Kipos, you can reach the place easily.

Plathiena Sandy Beach of Milos Greece

Milos Greece Sandy BeachesThis is one of those secluded beaches that are quiet and not organized. Still, it is not bad of a choice either. Despite being how it is, the beach is still lovely one. It has shallow water on the other side of the shore.

Its sand even has low trees growing on it. To get to this place, it will take 2km trip from Plaka. It is not that far and you can go either by boat or car. This beautiful sandy beach is not one you are supposed to miss from the plan.