Paliochori Beach – Best Beach in Milos?

Paliochori BeachIf you are looking for the best beach in Milos, Paliochori beach can be a good choice. This beach is located on south coast in Milos. It is protected well from the north wind that often blows over Cyclades Island.

Paliochori or Paleochori has coarse sand mixed with small pebbles that are colorful. It makes the beach has different look. Besides that, there are also many rocks behind this beach with vivid red color because of the volcanic origin.

The Attractions of Paliochori Beach

Paleochori or Paliochori Milos Paliochori Beach Milos Paleochori Beach Milos
Milos Paliochori beach has crystal clear water that reaches to the dark of shores. Besides that, it also contains small colored pebbles. This beach is really well known with its beautiful water.

Besides that, the beach also provides warm water in some spots. The warm water is caused by volcano origin of Milos. The volcano origin also forms imposing rocks. In addition, there are also sulphur & other ores and even mineral that brings amazing color to the beach landscape.

For additional information, Paliochori is the discovery place of Milos Hoard. It is a great collection of antique ancient Milian coins and now they are on exhibit at the Numismatic Museum of London.

Paleochori Beach Paleochori Greece Paliochori Beach Milos Greece

There are 3 Paleochori beach taverns you can find. The first is some lodging establishments. Besides that, there are some bars around the beach. Then, you can also find a bar & nightclub located in Paliochori west.

When the summer comes, there is a frequent bus service to the Adamas port. It is around 10 kilometers away through paved road. Besides that, summer also becomes the most organized beach. At this beach, you cannot only bars but also sunbeds, parasols, and also some water sports. So, you can go sunbathing and relax your body. Besides that, you can also enjoy water sports and feel fun.

After you feel tired playing around the beach, you can finish the experience by eating some foods. There are many places that serve delicious dishes there. You cannot skip enjoying the foods before going back home.

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Tourist Spots Near Paliochori Beach

Of course, you will not only visit this place. You can spend your vacation time by visiting some places. Here are some of the best options:

⦁ Agia Kiriaki Beach

About 1.7 kilometers from this beach, there is also a stunning beach named Agia Kiriaki beach. Even though it is not as beautiful as Poliochori, this can be a good alternative.

⦁ Old Sulfur Mines

This spot is located about 3.1 kilometers from the beach. At this place, you can find wonderful view of a beach with old sulfur mines around.

Firiplaka Beach

No more than 5 kilometers from this beach, you will find Firiplaka beach. This is also popular enough in Milos.

Tsigrado Beach

If you are challenged to explore hidden beaches near Paliochori, this one can be a good option to find. The location is hidden by high cliffs so that you will not easy to reach it. However, the view is really amazing.

Paliochori beach can be a good choice. This beach is located on south coast in Milos. It is protected well from the north wind that often blows over Cyclades Island.