Paliorema Beach Milos – The Strangest Beach with Old Sulfur Mines

Paliorema BeachPaliorema beach Milos is one of the most hidden beaches in Milos Island, Greece. That is why it is little bit difficult to access. Paliorema means unfriendly river. In fact, this beach is surrounded by steep rocks and wild mountains.

Even though hard to visit, this magnificent beach has very beautiful view. That is why it is really worth a visit. Anyway, it is not like the other popular beaches that are crowded of visitors.Paliorema Beach Milos Paliorema Beach Photos Images Pictures Paliorema Sulphur Mines Beach

The Sulfur Mines of Paliorema Beach

This beach is well known with the sulfur mines. In the past, the mines are used to live many local people. However, now the mines become unique spots at this beach. Many people who visit this beach often take pictures around the sulfur mines.

In fact, many old mines surround this beach. The tourists do not get annoyed with the old mines. On the contrary, they love the Paliorema old sulfur mines for beach background.

The View around the Beach

This beach is very quiet. There, you can find beautiful trees. Besides that, there are also many facilities around the beach. With natural view, the atmosphere is really weird. The sulfur mines add the beautiful view of the beach. In addition, there are some caves around the beach. Anyway, this beach can be considered as a unique spot to visit.Milos Paliorema Beach Cyclades Greece Paliorema Beach Best Time To Visit Weather Cost Review Paliorema Beach Activities Things To Do And See

What to Do at Paliorema Beach

If people usually visit beaches for swimming, Paliorema Sulphur Mines Beach is not too interesting enough for swimming. However, still there are many visitors who visit the beach and go swimming there.

But, most visitors are more interested to see the old sulfur mines. That is why this place is often used for researches. So, even though this beach is not crowded of people, you cannot expect for privacy. Sometimes, the visitors also just want to take pictures and selfies with sulfur mines as the background.Travel Guide Information About Paliorema Beach Accommodation Hotel Restaurant Cafe Resort Homestay Contact Number Open Hours Paliorema Beach How To Go Best Way To Get There Paliorema Beach Location Address Access Directions

How to Get to Paliorema Beach

To get to this beach, you need to pass a dirt road. The dirt road starts from Zephyria village and ends near the mines. The distance is about 8 kilometers. After that, there is not road for cars. You have to pass the road on foot around 500 meters. At this place, you cannot find any building, tavern, cafe, or any other facility.

Attractions near Paliorema Beach

There are some other attractions near this beach. So, after you visit this beach, you can explore other tourist destinations around. One of them is Paleochori beach. Besides that, there is also Kastanas beach. Then, Zephyria village can also be a good option.

Nearest Hotels from Paliorema Beach

If you are looking for Paliomera beach hotels, you will not find it. In fact, this beach has zero facility. However, you can still find some hotels in Milos that are not too far from this beach. For example is Marias Rooms. Besides that, it will also be a good idea to stay at Anna Rooms. Then, Paleochori Studios can also be considered for you accommodation. All those hotels are located in Paliochori.