Paliorema Old Sulfur Mine Information

Paliorema Old Sulfur MinePaliorema Sulfur Mine is an old mine on the south-east of coast in Milos, located next to the beach of Paliorema. As we know, Milos is well known with its beaches and this is one of the best ones to visit. The beach is unique because of the mines.

Not only that, Paliorema Sulphur Mines Beach also offers clear emerald water & yellow pebbles. The yellow pebbles are from old sulfur mines. Anyway, there are many attractions at this place so that it belongs to a must visited destination in Milos. Paliorema Old Sulfur Mine Milos Paliorema Sulfur Mine Location Address Access Directions Paliorema Sulfur Mine How To Go Best Way To Get There

How to Reach Paliorema Sulfur Mine

Paliorema Sulfur Mine of Milos is really awesome. That is why you have to know how to get there. You can go there by car. However, you should pass unpaved road so that 4-wheels-drive cars are the only vehicles allowed. If you use other type of vehicles, you can park them at the quarry so that you should reach the beach on foot then. This ancient sulfur mine is addressed at Paliorema on Milos Island, Greece. There are many signs that will direct you to this place clearly.

Visiting this site is not easy. Surrounded by big rocky mountain & steep cliffs, you have to climb carefully. So, make sure that you prepare your vehicles and tools like shoes. With great effort, you will feel amazed after arriving at this site because of the wonderful scenery. If you like challenging travelling, this can be a good idea to visit. Paliorema Sulfur Mine Milos Island Greece Paliorema Sulfur Mine Photos Images Pictures Travel Guide Information About Paliorema Old Sulfur Mine Closest Accommodation Hotel Cafe Homestay Contact Number Open Hours Entrance Fee Ticket Price

The Attractions of Paliorema Sulfur Mine

Once you arrive at this site, Paliorema ancient sulfur mine is clearly in front of your eyes. The unique sulfur mine becomes an interesting view. So, many photographers love this spot for taking pictures.

Besides that, you can also see the beautiful beach from this place. As it is mentioned before, it is located near a beach on Milos Island. It means, visiting this place will bring you enjoy the wonderful views from top of hill and beach. Sulfur Mines At Paliorema Paliorema Sulfur Mine Best Time To Visit Weather Cost Review Paliorema Sulfur Mine Activities Things To Do And See

Interesting Activities at Paliorema Sulfur Mine

What to do at Paliorema Sulfur Mine? There, you will not be bored because this is a very fun site. One of the most favorite activities is photograph. Many visitors take pictures from various angles and spots. Besides that, this place is also perfect for enjoying sunset and sunrise. If you want to see beautiful sunrise here, you have to get here earlier in the morning. For sunset, usually visitors come in the afternoon.

The ancient Athenians, Greeks, and also Romans were the 1st to utilize the sulfur in this valley / hillsides. Exploring ancient sulfur mine at Paliorema is very fun. You will get great experience here. However, you have to be careful because the mine buildings at Paliorema Sulfur Mine are not stable. They include the concrete floors that appear poor. It means they are not safe including the parts of roof elements, heavy machinery, etc. They can collapse anytime if you are not careful.

One more, you can also visit Milos Mining & Archaeological Museum because it is near this place. Sponsored by S & B Mining Corporation, this museum is very safe for mining activities on Milos Island. Now, it is time to plan visiting there for your next holiday.