Plathiena Beach Milos, Great Beach Near Plaka

Plathiena BeachWhen you go to Milos, you cannot skip visiting Plathiena beach. This is a beautiful beach in the north of Milos Island, Cyclades, South Aegean, Greece. This beach is found in a cove that is protected from Maltemi wind. This is really close to Plaka just about 3 kilometers.

Besides that, you can see the beach from a big church in the center of the capital. It is really a picturesque beach. Unfortunately, it only has 150 meters of sand so that it cannot accommodate too many visitors. Plathiena Beach Milos Plathiena Beach Location Address Access Directions How To Go To Plathiena Beach Best Way To Get There

The Road to Plathiena Beach

You can find this beautiful sandy beach easily. You can go by motorcycle or car. The road has a good condition, too. You just need to descend from Plaka to the beach through picturesque farmland. The beach is also near from Firopotamos beach. If you follow the directions, you will get to the beach in a few minutes.

Beach type; sandy beach, secluded, partly organized, suitable for families.
Distance; from plaka 3.0 km (1.85 miles), from adamantas 6.5 km (4 miles) , from firopotamos beach 2.2 km (1.36 miles). Plathiena Beach Milos Island Cyclades Plathiena Beach Photos Images Pictures Plathiena Beach Entrance Fees Ticket Prices

The View of Plathiena Beach

From this gorgeous beach, you can see some cliffs or huge rocks around. They add the beautiful view of the beach. You can also climb them. However, hiking or climbing is not a popular activity there because mostly the visitors prefer swimming.

Besides that, there is also a beautiful view called Akrathi Island. It is a small island you can see from the beach. On this small island, you can only see 2 buildings. They are a church and a lighthouse. This small island becomes a unique view of the beach.

You can also find bear-rabbit figures of Milos. Those figures stand in front of this beach. It is very popular and this can be a nice spot to photograph in front of the beach. However, if you want to see these fitures from Plathiena, you should be on the boat at the sea.

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What to Do at Plathiena Beach

Plathiena beach spots are really awesome. That is why many people love taking pictures at the beach. Besides that, this beach is also recommended for enjoying the sunrise or sunset. Then, the beach has shallow water. So, it becomes a favorite place for swimming. In fact, swimming becomes the most fun activity to do at this beach. The waves are safe. So, let your children go swimming with your monitor.

This small beach has sand that is not too long and wide. However, when it is not crowded of visitors, it is enjoyable for sunbathing. For children, they can play around the low growing trees available on the sand. In addition, you can also find small fishing ports near the beach. They are called Arested and Fourkovouni.

Some facilities are also available there. One of them is a small canteen. However, this canteen only operates in the summer where the visitors are crowded enough. So, it will be better if you bring your own foods and drinks. If you want to stay for a few days near the beach, you can look for hotels and villas easily. In fact, there are so many hotels located in Milos near beaches.