Pollonia Beach – Popular Sandy Beach in Milos

Pollonia BeachPollonia beach can be considered as one of the most popular sandy beaches that you can find in Milos, Greece. This beach has a beautiful view. Besides that, its sandy area is also wide and long. It is apart from trees so that it feels rather hot. So, you may need some shades like umbrellas if you want to be relaxed at the sandy area.

Besides that, it has crystal clear water that looks beautiful. The colorful boats also add the stunning view around the beach.

Getting to Pollonia Beach

Some people also call this beach as Apollonia beach. It is addressed only around 14 kilometers from Plaka (northeast of Acropolis, between Syntagma and Monastiraki). This beach is easy to access. You can come to this beach by car, by motorcycle, or on foot. Anyway, it is an ideal location for day out at the beach. How To Go To Pollonia Beach Best Way To Get There Visit Pollonia Beach Address Access Directions Location Map Pollonia Beach Milos

The View of Pollonia Beach

Pollonia or Apollonia is a little fishing village. Even though it is a popular beach, it does not mean that this beach is boring. It will always be interesting to visit. The beauty of the beach makes this place like public world’s paradise.

However, you need to bring your own umbrellas or hat to protect from the heat of the direct sunlight. The water, the sand, the rocks, and everything around the beach look awesome.

The Facilities of Pollonia Beach

As one of the most famous beaches in Greece especially Milos, this beach tourist destination provides many facilities. You can find a lot of restaurants, hotels, spa, resorts, etc.

Besides that, you can also find some cafes. Then, beach taverns are also available to offer local delicacies. So, the visitors can enjoy all they serve. Pollonia Beach Travel Guide And Information Accommodation Resort Spa Hotel Homestay Restaurant Photos Images Pictures Of Pollonia Beach Best Time To Visit Weather Cost Review Pollonia Beach Greece

What to Do at Pollonia Beach

There are many things that you can do at this beach. Talking about Pollonia beach attractions, the crystalline water makes every visitor enjoy swimming. This is the most favorite activity because it is really refreshing.

The waves are also safe. For children, they can play around at the playground enjoyably. In fact, this beach is pretty wide and long. So, it does not matter even though there are so many visitors. That is why it is perfect for family recreation.

Do you like sunbathing? Many tourists do this. You can also go sunbathing especially when the beach is not crowded enough. Do not forget to carry a camera to take pictures as many as possible. If you feel hungry and thirsty, there are many places for eating foods and drinking beverages enjoyably & comfortably. Top Things To Do And See in Pollonia Beach Activities in Pollonia Beach Viewpoint Tourist Attraction Pollonia Beach Milos Island Cyclades Greece

Attractions near Pollonia Beach

If you visit this beach, you can drop in at some places around it. The nearest spot is Poseideon. Besides that, there is also Hippie Fleet that is only 0.3 kilometer from the beach. Then, less than 1 kilometer, there is Kostantakis Cave Winery.

Oneiro Milos also belongs to the nearest attractions from this beach. It is only around 8 kilometers from the beach. 9 kilometers from the beach, you can find Aquatta Yachts. And there are still many other spots such as Polco Sailing Cruises, Thalassitra Sailing, Volcano Boat, etc.