Provatas Beach: Golden Milos Beach for Family Recreation

Provatas BeachExploring beaches in Milos cannot skip Provatas Beach. This beach is also popular as Golden Milos Beach. Many people call that because this beach offers red with yellowish to golden color. Of course, the sand looks really amazing and becomes very identical to the beach. However, the beauty of the beach is not only the sand but also the water and scenery around it.

Location; South Coast, Milos Island, Greece.
Distance; 8 km from Adamas – 13 km from plaka.
Best time to go; May-September (temperature 23-27°C).
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How to Get to Provatas Beach

The location of Milos Golden Beach is pretty easy to find. So, you can reach this beach with different vehicles. For example, you can get to the beach by motorcycle or car.

Even more, you can also use bus if you want to visit the beach in groups. The accessible location makes this beach is crowded enough especially in the weekends or holiday.
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What to Do at Provatas Beach

Golden Milos Beach Provatas attractions are really interesting. The main attraction is certainly the golden sand. You can play around the sand. If you go with family, you can let your children play the sand as they want. The large sandy beach makes it able to accommodate many visitors. Besides that, it is also enjoyable for playing around.

If you like swimming, you can also go swimming at the beach. In fact, this beach has the safe waves. However, you have to make sure that you do not go swimming too far. Swimming at this beach is really relaxing. You can also relax your body while going sunbathing. When the beach is not crowded, sunbathing will be a very pleasant activity.

If you feel that the beach is too hot, you need to bring umbrella or hat. So, your skin will not be burnt. Visiting this beach is not complete if you do not take pictures. You will not be bored to take pictures and sulfites. Provatas beach spots are really awesome. You can take pictures over the golden sand, at the beach crystalline water, on the huge rocks, etc.

This golden-red sandy beach is also considered as one of the best spots to see the sunrise and the sunset. If you want to see the sunrise, of course you have to come earlier. However, more people prefer waiting for the wonderful sunset.
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The Facilities of Provatas Beach

There are many facilities available at the beach. Some of the Provatas beach facilities are restaurants & bars. You can find some restaurants and also bars.

So, you can enjoy foods and drinks there. Therefore, you should not bring too much but bathing towels. After playing around the beach, you can take a bath to clean up your body.

The Hotels near Provatas Beach

If you visit this beach, you should not worry about accommodation where you stay. In fact, there are many hotels and villas you can find around not far from the beach. Different hotels offer different prices and facilities. So, you can choose your desired option. Even more, there are some hotels that offer beach view. So, you can enjoy the beautiful beach view from the hotel.