How to Enjoy Holiday at Sarakiniko Beach

Sarakiniko BeachIn the Milos Island, the most famous beach is called as Saraniko beach. The landscape really looks amazing and the turquoise water is really peaceful. Once you arrive at the beach, it will impress you.

What makes this beach wonderful is not only the beach itself but also the view around it. Of course it becomes a perfect place for you who love photography.

The Attractions of Sarakiniko Beach

Many tourists spend much time at this beach and it is understandable. In fact, it offers many attractions that every tourist can enjoy.
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Swimming at the beach is a very fun activity. This beach is also safe for swimming. However, it will be more fun if you jump from the cliffs around it to the water. This is recommended for you who have braveness. The cliffs also look awesome. That is why the cliffs also belong to the most favorite Sarakiniko beach spots for taking photos or selfies.


This is a unique beach. There are many caves you can find here. The caves are different from other common. If you are curious, you can also explore the caves. You can also relax in the cave while enjoying the scenery of the beach.


This beach also has old mines. If you want to explore the old mines, you need to turn on the flashlight of your phone because of the dark places. Besides that, you may need to wear a mask because there are slopes around them. Of course, you will not find the same attraction at other beaches.
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Wreck of Ship

Do not think that you have explored everything before you find the wreck of ship. Yes, this becomes one of the most popular Sarakiniko beach attractions. From the cliffs, you can see the wreck of ship over there. Of course it becomes a unique view at this beautiful beach.


Besides cliffs, there are also many huge rocks with unique and attractive shapes & looks. You may not be able to find the beautiful rocks like this at other places. Many people use these spots for taking photos.

The cliffs become the most identical spots of the beach. However, you have to be careful if you want to take pictures on the cliffs. You can slip and fall from the cliffs easily especially if the rain has just come. So, you should avoid this danger.
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Where to Stay near Sarakiniko Beach

If you decide to visit this beach for holiday, there are at least two areas to stay. They are Adamas and Pollonia.


This is where the main port is addressed. This area is excellent for staying and spending some days. One of the most recommended places is in Alexandros Village.


If you want to stay in a quiet area, Pollonia can be a great option. It is located right in front of Kimolos Island, a small island in Greek. It is best for honeymoon because of the romantic nuance.