Tsigrado Beach: Secret Beach with Wonderful Views

Tsigrado BeachIf you go to Milos Island in Greek, do not forget to visit Tsigrado Beach. Milos Island is full of beach and this is one of the most beautiful ones you can find there. When you see the photos, you will be Goosebumps. Moreover, when you see it directly, you will really be amazed with this nature.

Tsigrado beach is located on the Milos southern coast next to Firiplaka beach. This beach is hidden and surrounded by cliff. So, not many people know the existence of this beach. However, once you reach the beach, you want to stay longer there.

How to Get There

How to Get to Tsigrado Beach Tsigrado Beach Access and Map Tsigrado Beach Milos

The beaches of Milos Island are mostly hidden. So, they are difficult to access including this one. So, if you want to visit this beach, you have to make sure that you use the right vehicle. For example, you can use a jeep or motor trail or other off-road vehicles.

There is not a clear trail down to this beach. However, this beach is not too difficult to find. The parking area is above Firiplaka beach at the hill top. From that parking area, you have to head back down the hard road with the opposite direction. Here, you will be able to see wonderful views along the way at all sides.

You are near Tsigrado beach Milos if you have found a sign that says “The descent to the beach is at your own risk”. From that sign, you should climb down the rocks face. You will find a rope as well as 2 ladders that can help you to climb down. It may seem difficult but it is not that dangerous as long as you take it carefully and slowly and also wear the proper footwear.

With the help of rope and ladders, you can get the beach now. However, if you feel afraid, there is an alternative way. In this case, you can consider going to the beach by boat. For your information, crusises leave the Adamas main port at regular intervals. This alternative way is safer and much easier but it requires you to spend extra money.

What to Do

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One of the most favorite activities done at this place is sunbathing. Tsigrado beach sunbathing is really relaxing because the place is quiet peaceful.

Besides that, this beach also lets you go snorkeling. So, you can spot fish closer under the water. The water is clear and shimmering. The silver sand also adds the beauty of this beach.

What to Bring

There is no service and facility at the beach. So, you have to bring water and some foods. In fact, there is no place that sells drinks and foods.

Besides, you may also need sunblock if you want to go sunbathing. In addition, it is also a good idea to pack light. It will be very useful when you get down to this beach. If you bring everything you need, you can enjoy the moments at the beach. Other places to explore near Tsigrado: Gerakas, Firiplaka Beach, Agia Kiriaki, and Provatas Beach.